The Right Person Can Push You Over the Edge

Redheads Jess, Rio and Jaci - triathletes and miniature Australian Shepherds

Wait, no, not like that.  Why are edges always considered a bad thing?

I like to think of anything leading up to the edge as a comfort zone.  And comfort zones can be boring.  It’s the equivalent of eating the same thing for dinner every. single. day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know I’m well into #firstworldproblems and there are many things WAY worse than being bored.  But, bear with me.

Thrill seeking and pushing my limits are things that I enjoy.  Trying something new.  Something that makes your heart race.  Mr. Harbin is an amazing man, but he doesn’t share my love of long distance running, climbing steep mountains or jumping off said mountains.  And that’s totally okay because if everyone were the same it would be incredibly boring.  And my mountains would be crowded.

But it can get lonely sometimes!  When that happens, you can’t help but think you need someone to join in on your adventures.  A kindred spirit if you will.  My adventure pup is an irreplaceable companion but she’s really bad at conversations, so in this case, spirit animals sometimes work better if they’re of the human variety.

Rio, the red-tri Miniature Australian Shepherd who goes on all Copper and Rust's adventures

#riothemini – the “rust” half of Copper and Rust

My point is, when you meet someone who you instantly recognize as a potential adventure buddy, don’t think twice, don’t ask questions – just lace up your running shoes and go for it.  Literally.

Meeting my twin was a simple matter of fate – she runs the vet we started going to in Hawai’i.  Not only do we both have red hair, we both love to run, hike and chase crazy dreams, we both have red tri Australian Shepherds (one mini, one standard) and our wedding anniversaries are less than two weeks apart.  It’s safe to say we hit it off from the word go.

Redheaded look-a-likes who love to run, bike and swim.


Aside from our physical and personality parallels we inspire one another.

Go Big or Go Home.

It’s been a mantra of mine for a while and it has held true the entire time.  When you’re passionate about running you can’t stop, won’t stop at 5k, half marathons, back to backs.  You shoot for the moon.  It will take years but the Barkley Marathons are calling my name and I want Jess right next to me when we tackle the monster (partially to share the experience, partially to make sure if we do get lost, at least we’re together).

I’m not sure where exactly I’m headed in life but I have a general path mapped out.  SwimRun, UltraMarathons, Triathlons…we’re tackling it all along the way.  Sure, you could do it by yourself…but it’s so much more fun to have someone who shares your passion and embraces the suck with you.

Stick with me over the next few weeks as I profile the races (and corresponding trips) we have planned and how we train.

“If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

run fast and free


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