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(Trail) Run Indy

Trail running tips for Indiana - keep it simple

You’re in a new state.  You wanna go trail running.  My best piece of advice?


Seriously.  It was the first thing I wanted to do when I landed in Indy and in hindsight, my logic was flawed from the start.  Googling “trail running in Indiana” pulls up practically nothing.  (Although hopefully this article with help change that some.)  There is only one National Forest in the entire state – Hoosier National Forest – and it’s about two and half hours South of Indianapolis.  While the website is pretty extensive, the hiking section just gives you list of trails and nothing is particularly close to, well, anything.  And maybe you don’t want to drive 2+ hours just to go run.

The problem with the “trail running” approach is it’s just way too specific.  Think about it.  Where do you usually run trails?  Places that most people HIKE.  Just google hiking trails.  The chances are, it’s all runnable, especially if you’re an accomplished trail runner and you’ll get way more results.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to need to do some research to see how long the trails are, which are more secluded, which is closest to where ever you’re staying but you’ll have a lot more to choose from if you cast a wider net.

Springs Valley Trail, Eagle Creek Park Trail, Young's Creek Trail, Indiana Trail Running Maps

From left to right:
– Springs Valley is a 12 mile loop that runs along the edge of a lake outside of Paoli, IN.
– Eagle Creek Park is on the outskirts of Indianapolis and with over 15 miles of trails, it’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
– Just outside of Paoli, IN, Young’s Creek is a nice option to mix and match for all your trail running, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Want some specifics? Check back soon for my review of Young’s Creek Trail near Paoli, IN and Eagle Creek Park’s Trails in Indianapolis.

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