St John's Church on an island in Crete, Greece

A lot of people ask, “Jaci, where should I travel to? Where’s your favorite place?”

Firstly, just because I love a place doesn’t mean that you will too – it’s a lot of personal preference!

What do you want to do? Explore? Use your GoPro for some epic incredibleness? Relax? Try street food? Your destination is going to depend on your expectations. You don’t go to Tanzania to sit by a pool, you go to see the animals and climb Kilimanjaro. Keep that in mind when picking a place.

My most important tip? Don’t get disappointed. It’s easy to have an idea in your mind about how a trip is supposed to go. I’ll let you in on a little secret: they never go as planned. Ever. Something always goes wrong so learn to improvise and roll with it.

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