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Hiking to Waimanu Valley

Sometimes you just need to pack and go on an adventure.  Long weekends are perfect for that!

Over the 4th of July, Jess, Tom, Jonathan, John and I hopped a (very early) flight to the Big Island, rented a car, drove an hour and a half to the North face of the island (after stopping for a quick booze run – seriously, camping is way more fun with a little happy juice), left from the Wiapio Lookout with our packs and headed out towards Waimanu Valley.

It’s close to 20 miles roundtrip with plenty of switchbacks and some elevation gain to get you to the campsites (fair warning, you need a permit to camp there) and there are some amazing waterfalls an hour or so from where you’re going to call home for a night or three.  You can’t beat the scenery and while I could try to describe it to you, it’s more fun if you watch it.  Enjoy and check back soon for campfire recipes!

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